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Welcome to the Magnolia Center. If you're here, you may be experiencing some kind of misalignment with yourself, physical pain, anxiety, health concerns or a lack of energy. If that's the case, then I can help. Many of you have tried various avenues such as allopathic medicine, ''trying harder'' or adjusting, to only find yourselves unsatisfied with the results. I am here to tell you that you no longer have to compromise yourself. You can live a healthy life on all levels and find your well-being again.

I am a firm believer that nature provides us with everything to help us realign to our true self. My approach is based in the science of Ayurveda. This practice dates back to 8000 years. Throughout time, many ancient practices and herbal remedies have been left behind, thus creating misalignment and ailments. However, in following nature's principals, we CAN regain our balance. 

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Consultation / 60 mins

This is an initial overall health review to help us better understand your current state: 

We will address your current imbalances as well as discuss your health goals. We may include a customized diet, lifestyle changes, herb recommendations, breathing exercises, suggested treatments (if needed), meditation techniques, aromatherapy and other tools as needed. 

Note that follow-ups are usually recommended at the change of seasons or at any given time that you experience a shift or an imbalance.

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Trauma Release (BBTRS) 

You may opt for this session after your initial consultation. BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release is like a gentle and natural way to help your body and mind heal. It uses breath (our life force) to help guide the release of energetic blockages. It’s a method where you focus on your breathing and as you breath deeply and rhythmically, it can help release tension and stored emotions in your body. It’s a bit like giving your emotional baggage a chance to unravel, leaving you feeling liberated and at ease. Just like a sigh of relief after a long day but on a deeper level! By releasing core tension at the SOMATIC LEVEL, BBTRS supports the completion of arrested trauma-related “Fight/Flight/Freeze” response or dissociated responses. So yes, this process not only unwind deep core tension and stress but also any underlying subconscious trauma! ...just as plant medicine ;)

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Balancing treatment / 30 min

Subsequent to your initial consultation, you may opt for an occasional balancing. I incorporate relaxation methods and energetic practices to restore balance to your body and spirit. This treatment goes more in depth and will eliminate debris from your aura that are creating blocks, weighing you down or clouding you. It also targets emotional blocks. This relaxation practice enables the body to regenerate itself. The result is a body, mind and spirit balancing, which can lead to profound changes in wellness, inner strength and peace.  A real tune up for your soul! Please note that each session is unique to each person.

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Private coaching / 60 mins

Subsequent to your initial consultation, you may choose this option. Coaching is ideal if you are looking to gain clarity, implement new changes to your life, but need a step by step plan and ongoing support. Sessions can be conducted in person or through Zoom, at your convenience.

So what's a Naturopath?

My role is to invite the accompanied person to adopt a lifestyle that meets their needs, to strengthen their immune barriers, to drain humoral overloads, to better manage their emotions and stress and to regain their power of self-healing in all so-called functional diseases.

I provide a safe environment to do so.

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"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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3167 Montée Saint-Hubert, St-Hubert


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